peace treaty

The peace contract is the lord of the rules, that is, it is the master of all other rules and contracts, and it is above them. Famous jurists consider the peace contract to be an independent contract that is not subject to the conditions of any contract. For the validity and soundness and influence of the peace contract, it is sufficient that it does not make something halal or something forbidden halal. and in this case the peace contract is subject to the will of the parties to the contract


The unbreakable bond between the two nations of Iran and Afghanistan

There are many unbreakable ties between Iran and Afghanistan in cultural, religious, linguistic, racial and ethnic, artistic and moral fields. The history of these links goes back to the past millennia, centuries and ages when it was planted in Badi Amr in the form of a seedling of friendship, and over many years and centuries, it has now become a fertile and stout tree whose foliage has spread so much that a huge creation in the shade Starlings continue to live together.


Residence and study of citizenship

If we want to have a brief overview of the origin of citizenship and its history, we must go back thousands of years and investigate the period after the first social groups and the formation of clans.