About us

Ariana Law Institute CEO Mr. Sayed Mahdi Mousavi

Araina Law institute has started its activity and still operating in the field of providing legal services since 2016 under the management of Mr. Haj Seyed Mehdi Mousavi.

The firm with years of experience is ready to provide services and consultation to Iranians, nationals of Afghanistan, Iraq and other nationals in legal fields. Obtaining citizenship for investors and big business owners, special 5-year residency permit for investors and Businessmen. Foreign investment permit from the investment organization, visas and work visas, renewing visas, obtaining and renewing work permits, renewing residence permits, company registration services, registering and obtaining marriage licenses, obtaining birth certificates for children born by Iranian mother…

Providing modern, transparent and high-quality legal services to Iranian and foreign clients, especially Afghan clients, and creating transformation in this field was one of the initial goals of establishing this institution, which was achieved with God's help and continuous efforts and is one of the great achievements of Ariana Law Institute.

The use of modern management and new perspective has significantly increased the speed of the process and increased the level of people's satisfaction. It allows our clients to monitor the information of their legal case in the shortest possible time, like an observer, and be in the full flow of the work and interact with their lawyers. The average success rate of 95% in criminal and legal cases has caused a high percentage of the statistical population of legal service recipients from this institution to get to know us through the introduction of previous clients. This issue is one of the honors of the institution and shows the high level of client satisfaction.

Another activity of Ariana legal institute is raising the level of knowledge and awareness of the public by working in social media and internet sites. We believe that awareness can prevent disaster and permanent damage to families, build trust in society, business prosperity and eliminate unemployment and crimes.

The brilliant track record of Ariana legal institute is one of the reasons for foreign nationals, especially the nationals of Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries, to hand over their residency and citizenship process with confidence.