establishment license

What is an establishment license?
What is the establishment license and what are its uses? What are the steps to obtain a license to establish industries? How much does it cost to obtain an establishment license? Industrial license is one of the most important and most demanded business and production licenses issued in our country and since it plays an important role in employment and domestic production, we have provided comprehensive information about this license in this topic.
What is industrial establishment license?
1: The license to establish industries is a license that individuals obtain to carry out a production or economic activity.
2: This license allows its holder to produce the product mentioned in the said license in one of the industrial areas.
3: Industry license according to the type of products must be obtained from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture or other related bodies. 
In addition, for the production of various goods such as syringes, surgical threads, etc., or the construction of pharmaceutical factories and food factories, it is necessary to obtain a license from the Ministry of Health.
Note: It should be noted that in order to obtain a license, goods of the same category must be mentioned in that license for example food items and electronic equipment cannot be mentioned in the same license.
Question: can each person register on the website only once with their national code and apply for a license, what should they do?
Answer: In response, it should be said that since this license can be transferred to other people to solve this problem, the applicant can buy the related license from other people.
What are the advantages of obtaining a license to establish an industry?
1: Allocation of industrial land in industrial areas at the government approved rate by paying only 30% in cash and 70% in installments for 36 months (one installment every three months).
2: Persian brand registration for products in the trademark registration office.
3: The possibility of participating in domestic and international trade exhibitions.
4:  The possibility of receiving government loans and facilities with productive interest for one to two years and a long-term repayment period.
5: The availability of the primary plan approved by the experts of the issuing authority to offer and attract investment. 
Which ministry or organization issues the industrial establishment license?
According to the type of economic activity of the investor, the issuing authority varies.
For most industrial activities the issuing authority is the Ministry of Industry and Mines but other organizations and ministries including the Cultural Heritage Organization in the field of tourism and handicrafts, the Ministry of Interior in the field of NGOs and parties and the Ministry of Agricultural in the field of agriculture productions and food industries, the Ministry of Labor and Cooperatives issue licenses in the field of entrepreneurship and home businesses according to the current laws. 
How long does the process of obtaining an establishment license take?
The required period of time varies according to the organization and authority issuing the license. This period of time for the license issued by the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade is on average 2 days to 15 days.

However, it takes between 15 days and 1 month to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture. Also, the time required to issue a permit from the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization is 1 to 2 months.
Documents required to obtain a license to establish an industry.
1: Copy of the applicant's national ID
2: Copy of the applicant’s national card
3: Applicant’s military service card 
4: Obtaining permits if necessary 
Obtaining a license on someone’s behalf
1: Copy of national ID and card of the signatories
2: Military service card of the signatories 
3: Obtaining permits and making necessary inquiries
4: Copy of the official newspaper in which the establishment of the company was advertised
5: Copy of the company's articles of association
6: Copy of company declaration
7: Copy of the official newspaper in which the latest changes in company was advertised  
8: Company’s stamp 
Procedures for obtaining a license to establish an industry
1: Registration at behinyab website 
2: Get user and password 
3: Setting up justification plan 
4: Carrying out various inquiries, including inquiries related to the Environmental Protection Organization
5: Fixing possible defects said by the relevant experts
6: After the final approval refer to the organization and receive the establishment license
After going through these steps you have to wait for the registration to be reviewed by the relevant expert, which will lead to the issuance of the license if there are no errors or defects in the information entered in the system.
When getting an industrial license point to be noted that related products must be mentioned in a license, because each product has a code that must be related to each other.
After issuing the industrial license Operation license can be applied.
How much does it cost to obtain an industrial establishment license? 
How much is the establishment license fee? In response, we must say that based on the type of plan, issuing authority and the time spent, the cost of the establishment license and the amount of fees received for obtaining the industrial establishment license are different.
To know the exact cost of the license to establish industries, please call 02143000430.
What is the validity period of the establishment license?
This license is valid for up to one year from the date of issuance and can be extended after one year. The extension period varies according to the experts' opinion and according to the progress of the work and if it is not extended it will be invalidated and cancelled.
In whose name the license to establish an industry will be issued?
When you intend to obtain an industrial establishment license, you must specify whether the plan is to be launched for a company or an individual. If it is for a specific company the license is issued in legal form and in the name of the company or institution, otherwise, the license is issued in real form and in the name of the applicant.
What is the difference between real and legal establishment license?
Legal and real industry establishment licenses are similar in terms of laws and functions and there is no difference between them, but banks are more inclined to legal establishment plans and licenses to provide facilities and that is why we see that loans above a Billion Tomans are rarely allocated for real license.
Is it necessary to prepare and present an explanatory plan to obtain an establishment license? 
The requirement to submit an explanatory plan is different according to the authority issuing the establishment license.
For example, if the authority issuing the license is the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, there is no need to prepare and present a complete explanatory plan and the license will be issued based on the primary explanatory plan. However, the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization will not proceed to issue this license without preparing and submitting a complete explanatory plan.
Is the period of time required to obtain a real and legal establishment license is different?
No, the real and legal licenses do not matter, to go through the procedures and obtain the license. The time required to obtain a license is the same.
What are the conditions for cancelling the industrial establishment license?
The establishment license is cancelled either at the request of the license holder or upon the expiration of its validity period.
Is it possible to mass produce goods and sent to the market after obtaining the establishment license?
An industrial license is just an agreement to build a factory or a production workshop and start a project.
Therefore, in order to start mass production according to the type of product, health and environmental permits and mandatory standards must be prepared and then proceed to obtain an operating license.   
Is it necessary to have a license to register a brand?
One of the documents that legal entities and natural persons need to register a brand is an operating license issued by unions, organizations, ministries and relevant legal institutions and one of the most valid operational licenses approved by the department for brand registration is industrial establishment license.