What is commercial lawsuit

Important things have been mentioned in Iran's commercial law, such as the fact that we get to know concepts such as businessmen and business practices and many people without knowing that they are doing business, and of course without wanting to are considered businessmen in terms of business law.

The importance of this issue increases when we know that the legal rulings for ordinary people are slightly different from businessmen, for example, if someone is proven to be a businessman, he is prohibited from filing lawsuits related to penalty, and the courts do not accept lawsuits filed by merchants.

On the other hand, part of the rulings related to commercial documents such as checks and promissory notes have also been explained in the field of commercial law, and although people think that issuing a check or a guarantee on a check or promissory note is a simple and easy matter. But it must be said that these actions have many consequences for individuals and there are many people who have faced many problems in this field due to their ignorance of the law.

Also, it has been seen a lot that people without having enough experience and knowledge have registered a company or institution, unaware of the difference between their partnership with other people in any company, such as a joint-stock company or limited liability company, etc. what are the legal duties of the partners of these companies, these matters are important to the extent that the legislator has criminalized and determined punishments for some actions of managers and partners of commercial companies.

Therefore, citizens should be aware that in lawsuits related to commercial law, such as lawsuits regarding commercial documents or commercial companies, as well as issues such as bankruptcy, whether they want to start a business or whether a lawsuit has been filed against them in court due to negligence and ignorance. The experienced consultants protects them from the possible consequences of their actions.

Commercial lawsuits with regard to the headings of the commercial laws are:
Lawsuits related to businessmen and business practices
A broker
Work Fee
An Agent
In charge of transport
Exchange Operations
In charge of exhibition affairs
Third Party Transactions
Insurance and exchange operations
Lawsuits related to commercial companies
Company Establishment
Liquidation of the company
Resolving disputes between company partners
Allegations related to Companies
Resolving disputes between individuals and companies
Lawsuits related to commercial documents
Demand for funds related to commercial documents - checks and promissory notes
Advertisement for missing commercial documents
Invalidity of issuance of commercial documents and their invalidity
Commercial warranty
Lawsuits related to the merchant bankruptcy
Ordinary bankruptcy
Bankruptcy at fault
Bankruptcy due to fraud