Bank claims

In our country, banks, including government, private, financial and credit institutions and loan funds, which are formed according to the regulations of the Central Bank and with the permission provided to them by the aforementioned body (one of the most important regulations of its formation is to form of a public joint-stock company), in return for services such as opening an account, both for goods and current loans, payment of facilities, issuance of checkbooks, opening of letters of credit and bank guarantees, both domestic and international, for businessmen, which persons provide, in case of violations by the users of the mentioned services, they may file a lawsuit against them in registration authorities such as enforcement of registration or judicial and quasi-judicial authorities such as legal courts and dispute resolution councils and enforce their rights and implement their demands.

As far as possible, banks do not go to the courts to enforce their rights, and on the other hand, they like to enforce their rights in a shorter and more Stress free, such as the enforcement of the registration of deeds and real estate offices. In fact, with the permission given to the banks by the relevant laws of the country and including bank contracts as part of the necessary contracts, the banks can also do so without going to the courts (bank lawsuits) and simply by referring to the implementation of the registration of the document registration department. Real estate’s office seize the debtors' property and sell their property according to the provisions of the law on the enforcement of civil judgments, as well as the regulations on the implementation of the provisions of official documents or prohibit them from going out and dealing with them.

On the other hand, individuals can file lawsuits and enforce their rights against banks or financial and credit institutions by referring to lawyers who are proficient in banking lawsuits. For example, in cases that affect our society, in cases where banks demand different profits from individuals or companies, or seize their property against the regulations, individuals can also by the help of expert lawyers and the filing of bank lawsuits in this area will prevent banks from taking advantage and keep their property safe.

One of the things that happened in our country recently and is happening is that the banks, by confiscating and selling factories and large production workshops, demand multiple times of their rights and also cause the closure of factories and production in the country. They found that this issue is completely against the orders of the Supreme Leader regarding production. The Honorable Head of the Judiciary has recently supported the production factories that have faced many problems in repaying the installments due to the economic recession.

In the next step, we will get to know more cases of issues between banks and individuals.