Juridical consultation

As it is emphasized in our religious sources, consultation is one of the best things that prevent mistakes and can be useful and effective at any stage in matters.

Juridical consultation is one of the necessities that is increasing in legal and commercial matters and entering into any kind of economic activity in today's society, companies and businesses do consultations before making any contracts and activities. In the world of law, prevention is better than getting involved in long-term and exhausting proceedings, many misinterpretations and legal issues may arise but by professionals it will be reduced to a minimum.

Considering the knowledge of law, anyone who has legal knowledge can give legal consultation, but it is important that the consultant has sufficient and necessary experience and knowledge of judicial procedure, conflicting to many conventional definitions found in websites and magazines that put legal consultant to hiring a lawyer, we are trying to combine the work of consulting and following up and raising any lawsuits and depending on the cases and topics of the incident.

We suggest whatever is necessary for the benefit of the client. Of course, this category will not be against the ability to provide guidance and legal consultation requested by the client. In fact, there is an absolute public and private relationship between these two categories of legal consulting and benefiting from the representation of a lawyer, which in the simple words of a lawyer is generally legal consultation. Therefore, to provide competent services, we use people for legal consultations who are lawyers, and consultation is just one of the abilities provided to the clients.