Student affairs (visas and scholarships)

Student affairs (visas and scholarships) 

Reducing the concerns of foreign students by approving the extension of the period of exit and return visas and granting residence for their families.

Nowadays, that Technology and Science are progressing and competing people in every society especially young generations are continuing their education and each of them are choosing their path of life according to their interest but due to life circumstances some people cannot choose their path of life accordingly. People who want to continue their studies are divided into 2 groups, 1st group are those who continue their studies in their own countries and the 2nd group continue their studies in another countries according to their strategic plans. Continuing education in another country has its advantages and also its own problems which include the personal and legal problems of the individual and the problems of not being familiar with the laws of that country, and all these cases are connected. Their management and control requires a careful and consistent choice.   

If we talk about entry visas and exit for foreign national, students and religious researchers who study in Iran are having student visas and have to act according to the law in Iran. Visas were issued for single entry and exit and the validity of visa or return visa is 3 months from the date of departure for foreign nationals who work in ministries or government organizations, based on the agreement or request of that organization during the validity of the residence permit, a person could be allowed to travel several times, however in the case of students they could only get an exit and return permit once in a year. In case of emergency, student had to wait 1 week to 10 days for exit permission, which was a lot of time.
Visas were issued only for single entry and exit.

For leaving the country, there was only single return visa  

Return visa had only 3 months validity

Another thing which can be mentioned regarding this was the students exit, returning and staying in the country due to which students couldn’t concentrate and have to drop their studies, especially Masters and doctorate students who were doing their thesis about their own countries needed a lot of time and this issue was leading to wasting of their times. There was no strict supervision and rules for enrolling international students, in fact all educational institutes had the right to enroll students and this issue itself led to the dropout of students whose conditions did not match Iran's environments and laws, which ultimately resulted in nothing It was nothing but a waste of time and money for the students and their families. The relevant institutions would suffer losses and this would lead to the discouragement of foreign students and not continuing their studies, but in the past decade the enrollment of foreign students has been placed in a special process and order. In the meantime countries are looking to attract foreign students and have competed over this issue, the issue of exit and return visas have been reviewed so that facilities are provided for foreign students, and they can continue their studies in Iran. The request was raised in the relevant commission according to a meeting on 7th June 2020 under the supervision of the Ministry of Science Research and Technology, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education the Board had approved that according to which
Non-Iranian students can get a residence permit for the duration of their studies.

Non-Iranian married students who have a residence permit for the duration of their studies can also obtain a residence permit for their family
For the duration of the study period, frequent exit and return will be issued.
It should be acknowledged that these positive changes represents the new structure of Iranian laws. The capacities of the scientific and cultural elites of other countries can be used for cultural and educational goals and positive connections with other governments and nations. It can be said that Iran currently has the capacity and ability to receive foreign students in various fields of study and for this purpose it has made essential changes for issuing student visas and students' residence permit.  

The full text and image of this regulation will be provided in an attachment
According to this regulation, a system is being designed for electronic exit and return visas to speed up the process and save time.
As a result of this regulation it can be said that attracting international students in the country will be increased, which leads to earning, job creation, entrepreneurship, and more sustainable scientific growth and development in the country.